Exciting News For MBA Members - New LPL Program Available!

Montgomery County Bar Association 60 Year Anniversary

USI Affinity is the ENDORSED INSURANCE BROKER & PARTNER for the Montgomery Bar Association

Through your membership with the Montgomery Bar Association, you have access to the NEW & GREATLY IMPROVED Montgomery Bar Association Insurance Program, advised and administered by USI Affinity, providing exclusive insurance and benefit solutions not available to the general public. This includes an exclusive lawyers’ professional liability offering to protect Pennsylvania attorneys against legal malpractice claims, and other business coverages, healthcare benefits and personal coverages.

The New Montgomery Bar Insurance Program with USI Affinity offers the following enhancements to the Lawyers Professional Liability program:

  • New "A-Rated" Carrier"
  • Better Coverage
  • Lower Rates with Member Credits

As one of the leading administrators of Bar Association insurance programs across the country, with six decades of experience in lawyers' professional liability insurance and more than 30,000 attorneys insured, USI Affinity has the expertise and market leverage to design comprehensive and innovative insurance and benefits packages for Pennsylvania law firms. We offer unique advantages in coverage, price and service as a member benefit to Montgomery Bar Association Members.

USI Affinity takes our role as the Montgomery Bar's insurance program administrator very seriously, and we will work with you to understand your needs and those of your employees.

Available products include:

  • Lawyers' Professional Liability
  • Business Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life & Disability and Long Term Care