Student Loan Refinancing – SoFi

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With the average amount of student loans well over six figures for law school borrowers, more attorneys than ever are looking for solutions to help deal with debt. To help ease this debt burden, Boston Bar has partnered with SoFi to offer our members and their families a $300 welcome bonus upon refinancing their student or Parent PLUS loans through

SoFi is the market leader of student loan refinancing. SoFi consolidates and refinances both federal and private loans, potentially saving borrowers thousands of dollars. The main benefits of SoFi include:

Welcome Bonus: Boston Bar members and family members receive $300 welcome bonus when you refinance student or Parent PLUS loans through

Savings: Savings: Attorneys can save thousands when refinancing,

Rates: Low variable and fixed rates. Visit to see current rates,

Simplicity: Consolidate all existing student loans (federal and private) into a single loan with one monthly payment,

Perks: SoFi offers career counseling, member events, a referral program, and more,

No Fees: No application fees, no origination fees and no prepayment penalties,

     passive restraints and anti-theft device discounts*.

How To Get Started

To apply for a free, no-commitment rate quote in 10 minutes, complete the online pre-approval application at If you qualify for a loan with SoFi and choose to refinance, you will receive a $300 welcome bonus2 as a member of the Boston Bar Association.