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Why You Should Consider Lawyers' Professional Liability Coverage

Lawyers' Professional Liability Coverage helps protect law firms from costly legal malpractice lawsuits. Philadelphia law firms that do not carry this coverage leave themselves open to a host of lawsuit possibilities, the most common being:

  • Legal malpractice (a former client unhappy with the service or judgments they received.)
  • Suits that may arise out of a former client’s assertion that the bill is too high, unjust or more commonly overdue.

In some cases, a law firm may be named as a defendant in a shareholder lawsuit for work they did for that client.

Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance protects firms in the event they are successfully sued by actions of current firm attorneys; current employees such as paralegals and investigators; former employees and, in some cases the actions of current employees at a previous firm.

Having Lawyers' Professional Liability insurance is an advantage for your firm.

Law firms in Pennsylvania are not required to have Lawyers' Professional Liability Coverage. However, if your firm does not carry Lawyers' Professional Liability, Rule 1.4 (c) of the Pennsylvania Rules of Conduct states that you must disclose this fact to your clients and prospective clients — this may put you at a disadvantage when compared to covered firms.