Risk Management

The Latest Risk Management Advisory From USI Affinity

Some Practical Tips When Applying for Lawyers' Professional
Liability Insurance

With legal malpractice premiums a large part of overhead for most New York law firms, this advisory discusses some simple, practical steps you can take to reduce your legal malpractice premium without compromising the lawyers' professional liability coverage you need.

Additional Risk Management Advisories

Suing for Fees: When is it appropriate?

This informative report presents factors and guidelines to consider, as well as advice on measures you can take to help prevent the need to sue for feed. Ultimately, the Advisory brings common-sense reasoning to an often controversial topic.

Engage vs Non-Engage: Why are engagement and non-engagement letters so important?
When a prospective client approaches your firm with a new case, you essentially have two options: accept or decline. In either case, it’s important to put your decision in writing.

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