New York State Bar AssociationFor more than 130 years, the New York State Bar Association has shaped the development of the law, educated and informed the profession and the public, and responded to the demands of a changing society.  Today, with a membership of more than 74,000 lawyers, representing every New York county, all fifty U.S. states and 108 countries, the NYSBA is the oldest and largest voluntary state bar organization in the nation.


The Association’s objectives, originally stated in its constitution adopted in 1877, are the same today.  They are: to cultivate the science of jurisprudence, promote reform in the law, facilitate the administration of justice, and elevate the standards of integrity, honor, professional skill and courtesy in the legal profession.  As a link between the state and the individual lawyer, as a force of constructive change, and as a chief exponent of the rights and liberties of the public, the NYSBA stands proud and capable, ready to serve.
The New York State Bar Association is headquartered in Albany, NY. 

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