Policy Highlights

Key Highlights of the Program’s Lawyers' Professional Liability Coverage Include:

  • D.C Bar members receive a 5% Membership Credit on their LPL Premium
  • Exclusive new Risk Management and Loss Prevention tools designed to help law firms improve the efficiency of their practice and reduce the risk of claims.
  • Outstanding coverage with great pricing and limits up to $10 Million.
  • Coverage for Privacy Breach Investigation ($20,000 per policy period) and Network Security Breach ($25,000 per policy period) are now included.
  • Deductible reduced by 50% (max $12,500) if any claim is resolved by formal mediation within 6 months of being made, or 90 days of suit being filed.
  • New Settlement clause - Insured's consent is required; 50% / 50% defense cost sharing if a settlement offer is rejected by the insured.
  • Supported by the strength of an “A rated” insurance company
  • Easy Claim Reporting
  • Free ERP (Tail) for retired attorneys in good standing who have been insured with the company for at least three years
  • Choice of defense costs inside or outside the limit of liability available for qualified firms
  • Liberalization clause – if the company adopts any revision that broadens coverage under the policy, it will apply immediately at no additional premium at any time during the policy period
  • Pro bono work is definitively covered

What is Covered with Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance:

  • Subpoena assistance increased to $25,000 per policy period.
  • Broad definition of legal services now includes expert witness, governmental advisor and/or lobbyist.
  • Court attendance expense reimbursement $500/day to a maximum of $10,000 per claim and $50,000 in the aggregate, no deductible applies
  • The company will provide reimbursement of up to $100,000 for the defense of a disciplinary proceeding, no deductible applies and any payment is in addition to the limit of liability
  • Prior acts coverage for an individual lawyer working at a firm
  • Prior acts coverage available for lawyers joining a firm during the lawyers' professional liability policy period (a new attorney application and underwriting approval are required)
  • Multiple extended reporting period options, including an unlimited option